The new palmer pedal board 60 landed! its a slightly tilted metal assembly to attach all you musical goodies too! The main aim is to drop the board out on the floor at shows and just power it and connect the two audio outs to what ever system your using! This also connects to one power cable with two audio send cables so can send one audio and a monitor send if not using the underneath built in, in ear monitors system!!! The tbone iem75

Bare bone with in ear system fastened in the bottom!

Its loaded with all pedals to control backing tracks and loaded with mixing desk and tc helicon which i get compression, delays, slap backs and reverbs from! Everything all powered in and usb power and charging all loaded on board! The behringer is a tube vocal pedal which im swapping out for tte newer version with a lighter and smaller power supply and im adding a small guitar tuner with mute switch!

Loaded final assembly!

You will notice a xlr next to the helicon which i can just plug in my xvive u3 wireless mic adapter or a straight mic cable! Plus spark is right in the centre there with spark control! This possibly wants just raising slightly as its a bit buried in the middle we will see!!

The palmer 60 comes with carry case and velcro strips!

Stick everything in place with velcro, setup all up and throw in the bag!!

Ill show updates of the behringer tube and add some videos of the usage! But this cuts my setup time of around 40 mins a show! Setting up and down! And its not mega heavy!! Its well worth a thought if you aint just the mic ipad man.


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